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 Bp Joshua Raj

Authored Books

A Biblical Approach to Indian Traditions and Beliefs (Armour, 2008) fills a need for Indian Christians who are searching for guidance when confronted with beliefs, traditions, rituals and practices in the non-Christian Indian community. This book reveals the truth about Christian living, discusses certain Indian spiritual and religious practices, and gives advice on the daily struggles of believers. Written from the agape (love) perspective, this resource is helpful for the new convert to Christianity, the generational Christian who may need to adjust his life, and leaders who seek some form of consistency in approaching the South Asian community with the good news of the Gospel.

Praise for A Biblical Approach to Indian Traditions and Beliefs

“This book addresses a very important area in the lives of most Indian Christians. The author’s deep commitment to biblical teaching and a perspective that aims at approaching issues with ‘agape’ love are particularly helpful.”

    - Bishop Dr Robert Solomon,

Retired Bishop, The Methodist Church in Singapore

Former Principal, Trinity Theological Seminary, Singapore

“Dr J R Raj has produced a fascinating overview of the Indian beliefs and its traditions…This informative and instructive book will prove valuable to students of theology, pastors and lay readers.”

- Bishop Dr Solomon Rajah,

Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Malaysia

Lecturer in Pastoral Theology and World Religions

Director of Institute of World Religions, Seminari Theoloji Malaysia

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