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 Bp Joshua Raj

Talks and Messages


Theology Sunday Class Southgate Church Sept 2018 to present

February 2018 to present - Teaching/Preaching - St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India, Edmonton AB


October 2018 - Theology of the Biblical Lands - speaker Bible Lands Cruise 2018.


Previous Talks

April 2018 - "Discernment" at Youth Camp, Maranatha Gospel Fellowship, Edmonton AB

February 2017- Bible Exposition Workshop Coimbatore, India

February 2017 - Bible Exposition Workshop Mumbai India

Oct-Nov 2016- Reading and Understanding the Bible (Epistle: 2 Timothy) Southgate Alliance Church, Edmonton

August 2016 - Mission Week "Reaching the Lost" KL Tamil Methodist Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

March-April 2016 - Reading and Understanding the Bible (Gospel : Mark) Southgate Alliance Church, Edmonton

February 2016 - The Good Fight Discernment Seminar, Salt and Light Bible Institute, Chennai, India

February 2016 - Bible Exposition Workshops, Cochin, Kerala and Mumbai, India

2015 Dec- "God is our Help" Methodist Church, Kuala Lumpur

2015 Feb - Bible Exposition Workshops (Philippians), Presbyterian Church, Chennai and Cochin, India

2014 Dec - "Life Ever After", TMC Methodist Church, Kuala Lumpur

2014 April - Bible Exposition Workshop - Habakkkuk and Jonah , Southview Alliance Church, Calgary

2013 August - "Reaching Young People in a Post Modern World" - Maranatha Church @ Milwoods Assembly, Edmonton

2013 April - Bible Exposition Workshop - Two expositions on Book of Philippians , Southview Alliance Church, Calgary, Alberta

2013 February - How to Share the Gospel series. Buddhism and Christianity, Community Methodist Church, Singapore

2012 October - Jesus, Hinduism and New Spirituality, Southgate Alliance Church, Edmonton, Alberta

2012 February – Marriage Seminar, St Christophers Church, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

2012 February – Bible Exposition Workshop, Prebsyterian Church, Chennai India

2011 October - "Cosmic Christ or Historical Jesus, Witnessing to New Agers", Bayview Glen Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2011 February - Bible Exposition Workshop, South Asia Mission, Chennai India

2011 February - "Witnessing to a Hindu/New Age Worldview", Armour Publishing Author Lecture, Singapore

2010 January - A Biblical Approach to Indian Traditions, Armour Publishing Author Lecture, Far East Plaza, Singapore

2009 October – Comparative Religion and Hinduism, Bay View Glen Church, Toronto, Canada

2009 April – "The Christian Medical Student" , University of Toronto Medical Student Fellowship, Toronto, Canada


Contextual and Practical Theology

Indian Traditions and Beliefs   (South Asian Indians)

An Overview of Indian Beliefs and nexus between Culture and Religion in the Indian Psyche

Comparative Religion (Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Folk Religions, New Spirituality)

The Main Religions in the World Today - Strategies for sharing the gospel



1. Reaching the World with the Gospel

2. Fulfilling the Great Commission

3. Witnessing Strategies

4. Use of the Testimony

5. Personal Ministry Strategy


1. Personal Relationship with God

2. Personal Study of the Word

3. How to Pray

4. The Spirit Filled Life

5. How to Discern God's Will

Contemporary Topics

1. New Age

2. Yoga

3. Transcendental Meditation (TM)


1. Alternative Medicine and the Bible

2. Supernatural Healing and the Christian Doctor

3. The Calling of a Christian Medical Student / Doctor


1. Indian Culture Encounters the Christian Message

2. Discernment — Testing the Spirit

3. Evaluating Indian Beliefs and Traditions

4. The Christian Mindset — Choosing Others Over Self

5. Indian Beliefs and World View — Historical Development

6. Indian Beliefs and World View — The Nature of Things

7. Indian Beliefs and World View — Writings and Social Systems

8. The Spirit World — Spirits and Demons and Everyday Issues of Life